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Documentation Service

Any device, any software must be delivered by its development team with a handbook for the users and a technical documentation for the people who will ensure the follow-up and support. For software developers, documentation is invariably part of the contract.

Unfortunately, the creation of these documents is frequently a problem.

  • Often, the development teams, in particular their leaders, are at the time when this should be done already committed  to new vital projects and no longer available to take care of it. The task is then often entrusted to coworkers of lesser stature condemned to document.

  • Developers, engineers and technicians are not always good at writing texts. It is not their cup of tea. Often, aspects seeming obvious to them won’t be obvious at all to the users or to the people in charge of the technical support. To them, writing documentation is a drudgery which they would rather avoid, often the result is incomplete, badly structured, not really useful.

Writing a good user manual requires putting oneself in the position of the user, speaking his/her language. Writer and developer are two different trades; a person who is gifted for one is not necessarily gifted for the other. We all know examples of completely unusable handbooks written by technicians unable to explain in an understandable way how their creation is to be used.

A clear, useful and well presented user manual on paper or Internet is a calling card for a company putting a product on the market. It can also be an instrument to convince a prospect to place an order.

We offer our time, our knowledge and long experience in the field of data processing and our talent as a writer to write your instruction manuals and technical documentations. In French, German and English. Preferably not by improving what may already exist. But by taking on the complete design of these documents, familiarizing ourselves with your product and defining with you the best way to present its functions.